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Voyager One & Two.

A series of abstract digital drawings in celebration of the Voyager One and Voyager Two probes that have now both reached interstellar space.

Voyager One celebrated its 40th year anniversary in 2017, first launched in 1977. Voyager Two became the second human-made artifact to exit the hemisphere beyond our solar system in 2018. Both probes included time capsules that could provide information to extraterrestrial beings about life on planet Earth. Voyager One carries a Golden Record, a uniquely designed artifact that plays images and audio in a narrative about human life.
The intent of these drawings was not to mimic the Voyager probe itself, but to visually connote the concept of ‘space exploration’ through pseudo diagrammatic information in reference to geometry, symmetry, religion, and creativity.  

Original digital artwork. Giclée inkjet print with UltraChrome archival inks. High quality, high definition resolution, 2880 ink dots per inch. Printed on eco-friendly papers. Large size (A1 & A0) special edition archival prints on select papers (100% Cotton Rag, Japanese Washi, or Silk Fabric).

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