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Under Construction: The Cone Series

For the past decade, my daily commute around Doha has been continuously interrupted by new construction projects. Whether walking or driving, rarely am I able to take the same path for more than a week at a time.

The cone series came to life through quick iPhone photos documenting my obsession with oddities surrounding construction projects that intersect with my daily Doha life. I started to illustrate the content from the photos, but focusing in on particular details in an attempt to create a more surreal and yet banal landscape.

The intent of the illustrations were not to accurately depict a particular place, but to give a general atmospheric feeling to anywhere in the city: cone and construction tape; cone and compound; cone and camels; cone and empty billboard space; cone and water truck; cone and date trees; cone and Ramadan lights; cone and mobile phone tower as a tree; cone and traffic barrier; etc.

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