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Sonic Jeel.

Sonic Jeel is a Qatar-based record label and research project recently initiated by Michael Hersrud and Simone Muscolino. The record label is intended to be an outlet for experimental electronic music, sound design, audiovisual, and other forms of computational audio-based creative work.

Sonic Jeel developed from a collaborative elective course exploring portable synths, sampling, sequencing, and generative approaches to sound construction using Ableton Live software and other tools.

Students and faculty worked together to build soundscapes, explore new technology, and examine musical genres relative to culture, fashion and graphic design. The larger intent of this research project is to cross cultural boundaries and make sound an integral part of the Doha creative community.

Sonic Jeel is a mash-up of English and Arabic transliteration that opens possibility to multiple interpretations. Sonic means “produced by or relating to sound waves; a frequency caused by vibration”. Jeel can be loosely interpreted in Arabic as “generation”, referencing the idea of a collective of people with shared experiences because of culture, time and place. Together the words can be interpreted to mean ‘soundwaves for a new generation’.