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Rise of the Robots.

A series of digital parametric drawings in response to the book ‘Rise of the Robots’ by futurist Martin Ford.

Time and time again we have been warned of a robotic take over of the workforce. Martin Ford, however, tells us that these previous concerns only pertained to repetitive and mechanical jobs, whereas now AI, automation and autonomous bots are more intelligent and proliferating the job market beyond skilled labor and into the knowledge and trade economy.

For example, Paro, a robotic seal for the elderly in Japan helps manage health care. Boston Dynamics Spot is ‘harmless’ autonomous gaurd dog-bot that can network with its nearby clones to watch over a space and detect changes in environment. Smart phones and watches monitor our daily routines and diets, even our sexual performance.
Self-driving cars, farming equipment and drones are quickly moving from sci-fi to reality and helping us produce food and deliver medicine. And we are moving full-speed ahead with CRISPR technology and bio-hacking is actually possible, but what are the implications?

More and more we are relying on machine learning as an act of ‘God’ to help us lead more technologically pious lives. Steve Jobs made us worship technology, and Yuval Harari posits that we are transitioning into a new era of techno-religion, while Cathy O'Neil warns of us the dangers and inequality of big data, potentially influencing our AI compelled lives.

These psuedo-anthromorphic graphic illustrations are robotic shapeshifters that keep a watchful eye from two perspectives, delivering us nourishment, knowledge, and entertainment until we become completely attached to the network without knowing. The ominous black pipes contrast the joyful colors and rising sun toward a brighter sci-fi future. 

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