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A set of four plotter drawing monoprints exhibited at VCU Arts in Qatar. The digitally created generative lines were drawn with a Mimaki 60SR plotter machine using neon-color sharpie markers, various ballpoint pens and Yoken technical pens.

This work is an extenstion of other previous projects involving algorithmic digital drawings exploring concepts of celestial entities. More specifically, at the time, I was interested in recent discoveries of distant solar systems that might have planets similar to Earth, however, the behavior of those solar systems and their orbits were potentially very different.
For example, in the TRAPPIST-1 system the planets revolve around its star in perfect harmony, almost identitcal to a looping rhythmic bar of music (Matt Russo TedxUofT). Even our own solar system has many oddities causing planets to orbit in unexpected ways that were previously unknown. Other systems have multiple suns, asteroid fields, icy rings, or peculiar gravitational pull.

These drawing were not an attempt to accurately depict or visualize these systems, but use these hypothetical findings as a cataylst to explore movements of lines on a two-dimension circular plane. Like orbits themselves, the process of drawing with a plotter and pen creates unexpected and imprecise results.

These prints are 18 x 24 inches on Strathmore Bristol paper with permanent marker and ink.

Detail of a print

18 x 24 inch framed prints