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Celestial Movements In A Floating World.

One of my first series of abstract digital drawings poetically depicting celestial movements of fictional galaxies.

When I was little I was fortunate to travel to our weekend lake cabin in Northern Minnesota, far away from lights of the city. The darkness of night often revealed that the sky was not black filled with white static dots, but an animated organic theatre of dancing lights, shooting stars, drifting satellites, and momentary bursts of wispy colors. 
Fast forward several years to graduate school, I had the opportunity to take a course with Appetite Engineers founder and professor Martin Venezky. He fostered an appreciation for the construction of shapes and graphical forms and their inherent relationships as a means to strike a balance of order and chaos within fantastical landscapes of curiosity. This method of seeing and making continues to be part of my creative practice until today, and is visually present in the work below.

The reference ‘In A Floating World’ is subtle nod toward early Japanese Ukiyo-e artists, arguably the artistic genre that attributed to modern day graphic design with 2D flat aesthetics, graphic illustration styles and absence of correct perspective. Ukiyo-e artists often depicted imaginative landscapes, theatre, atmospheric qualities and metaphors of eroticism.

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