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Black & Yellow Plotter Drawings.

A set of plotter drawing monoprints. These are the first tests in an ongoing series exploring parametric 2D/3D structures.

The drawings were created digitally using generative techniques and drawing with a Mimaki 60SR plotter machine using neon-color sharpie markers, various ballpoint pens and Yoken technical pens. These explorations started with an interest in radical conceptual architecture.
Living for many years in the Middle East and traveling to East Asian countries, I was exposed to many hypothetical renderings of futuristic city-states, some which have come to fruition. Instead of attempting to recreate these structures, I want to see how far I could push the idea of connecting two perpendicular lines with parametric parameters and then start to alter the orginal lines by adding and subtracting points, and shifting vector point positions, to see what results and happy accidents could be produced by the underlying generative conditions.

These prints are 18 x 24 inches on Strathmore Bristol paper with permanent marker and ink.