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Non-linear is a portal of inquiry established by graphic + sonic artist, multidisciplinary designer and educator Michael Hersrud. His exploratory creative practice involves analog, audiovisual, automation, data, drawing, dérive, geography, geometry, language, layering, looping, patterns, performance, printmaking, sound, space, surface and systems. The resulting projects, often collaborative, investigate experiences, interactions & phenomena. 


“In 1960s Paris, the Situationists initiated concepts like the dérive or psychogeography, but these days that sense of wandering through an indeterminate maze of intentionality can become the totality of the creative act. Selections, detection, defining morphologies, and building structures...”

The book ‘Rhythm Science’ by Paul D Miller (DJ Spooky)

“We have to inspire design to be more than utilitarian, to be more than functional. We need to inspire useless design, just for the sheer effort of inventing and creating things, as a way of innovating.”

The essay ‘A Reinvented Vocabulary: Decoding the Many Dimensions of African Design’ in an interview with Okwui Enwezor with Vitra Design Museum

“The basic elements for all creativity and innovation is copy, transform and combine... great ideas do not come from within, but are the result of outside forces...”

Kirby Ferguson on his series ‘Everything is a Remix’